About Me

Welcome to In Sweetness and In Health

Quick Intro:

My name is Lindsay, and I'm a 22-year-old graduate student working toward my master of science in occupational therapy. I am extremely interested in all things health and fitness, but I sometimes have a warped view of my body. I want to have a positive self-image and and with this blog I'm hoping I can work toward that. 

I'm also hoping that this blog will force me to actually go out and enjoy the sweet things life has to offer. I always say that I'll get around to doing something later and then never do it. I'm tired of this..I want to live my life now and maybe having a blog to update will keep me inspired. 

I love to eat, but I am not a good cook (I'm slowly becoming more inspired to learn how to) and I'm sorry to say that you probably won't see any exciting recipes here- at least they won't be my own...I'm all about learning how to cook/bake first by using someone else's recipes. I have a ginormous sweet tooth, but I always try to balance healthy eating with occasional indulgences- I'd rather splurge on something yummy than eat so-so tasting junk food everyday. Dark chocolate on a daily basis, however, is a must!
Fitness and Health:

Growing up I was always very active. I started dancing around the age of 6 and danced competitively from age 10-16. Tap dancing is one of my favorite things and it's an awesome workout! I stopped dancing after my sophomore year of high school because it was taking up too much of my time and I wanted to focus on my academics and high school experience in general. I was also a cheerleader all four years of high school. These two activities allowed me to stay in great shape while also having a fun time.

My junior year of h.s. I went through a period of disordered eating because I had stopped dancing and was afraid of gaining weight. I ended up losing almost 20 pounds. Seeing my low weight at the doctor's office somehow, and thankfully scared me into going back to my normal eating habits. However, I am often still cursed with obsessive thoughts about my body.

All throughout college I took advantage of the rec center and exercised most days of the week. Freshman year mainly consisted of cardio because I felt intimidated by the grunting males (with large upper bodies and skinny legs) in the weight room. Slowly, I started to learn more about strength training by lifting with some friends and attending total body toning group fitness classes. Exercising was basically just a form of weight control and I didn't really start to enjoy it until my junior and senior year of college. Enter my amazing boyfriend Chris:

Chris and I started dating my sophomore year of college and he has been a major contributor to my healthy living. Chris is a very natural and "clean" eater. Being with him sparked my interest in eating healthy and nutritious foods. Chris was an athlete for most of his life and is now a personal trainer. His absolute love for fitness and the joy he gets out of being active has revitalized the way I view exercise and over the past few years I have come to love it. I ended up majoring in Exercise Science and learning about the body and all of the healthy ways that exercise impacts your life only increased my affection for fitness.

I am now in graduate school and usually workout 6 days a week. I try to switch things up so that I don't get bored and this allows me to enjoy my workouts. I also try to eat healthy foods- lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, etc. However, I always love to eat sweet foods- especially ice cream and chocolate of any kind. I believe that having a balance is important, but I will never give up my treats. That is no life for me to live. Even though I love fitness and try to have a balance diet, I still have agonizing thoughts about how my body looks. I hate this about myself and after reading so many healthy living blogs I am inspired to learn to love my body once and for all. Having a mind that is less clouded by thoughts of my body will hopefully allow me to pursue the wonderful things and activities in this world that are waiting for me.