Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Elliptical Reading

The sun is finally shining!! AND it's going to be in the 70s today :) After several days of clouds, rain, and chilly weather I am totally looking forward to this...even if I will be spending 4 hours in class later.

I wasn't really feeling a super intense workout this morning, so I just spent 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by 15 minutes of running on the treadmill.

Last night's b-day celebration
As I mentioned yesterday, it was my roommate Jessica's birthday, so a group of us went to dinner on Newbury Street to celebrate! Before heading downtown, we stopped in Davis Square to see if we could spot Mark Wahlberg filming his new movie. Sadly we only got to see them setting stuff up :(
Apparently they were using the Somerville Theater to film a movie premier scene. Even though we only got to see this it was still kind of exciting! Filming of any kind never takes place in Columbus, OH. This movie is supposed to be about a teddy bear coming to life? That's kind of creepy...I don't know whether it's a kids movie or a horror movie...
I vant to suck your blood..muahahaha
Sorry, that was lame haha.

On to dinner. We went to a restaurant called was delicious! We ordered pitchers of the sangria, and it was some of the best sangria I've ever had.
It was perfect and not too sweet :)

Since it was in the 50s yesterday - yes, you read that's the middle of June and it was in the 50s, talk about miserable...anyway, since it was cold I decided a warm meal was much needed:
Grilled cheese and tomato soup anyone? YUM. Totally hit the spot.

I love that our summer class schedule is much less intense, and going to dinner on a Tuesday night is no big deal. FINALLY starting to enjoy some of what Boston has to offer :)
Happy Birthday!!
Reading while working out
So today while I was ellipticizing, I decided to read The Help on my Nook. I've read so many times that you shouldn't read while working out because then it means you aren't working that hard. I don't know if I believe this. I actually covered more mileage on the elliptical in 35 minutes than I normally would and I was sweating like a beast.

Maybe it's because instead of focusing on how my legs were burning, I was enjoying my reading material? I don't really know, but I think I got in a really good workout. Also, it probably helped that the words aren't really small on the Nook.

Now, I could never read while running or doing something where I'm really bouncing around, but for some reason it's easy for me on the elliptical. So, for the days when I'm not feeling a workout, I think that whipping out my Nook could actually be beneficial and help me get in some good exercise :) Score!

What are your thoughts about reading while working out?


  1. I get motion sickness if I try to read when I workout--same deal with being car sick. :( At least rocking out to my ipod or watching TV seem to be ok or else I doubt I'd be able to work out at all! ;)

  2. seriously cant even imagine 50 degrees right now. We got up to 103

  3. I'm from the south shore area! :-) I'm kind of new to blogging too!

    I'm not sure how people can workout and read at the same time! I wouldn't be able to do it that's for sure!

  4. What a great night out! Lovely ladies. :)

    And I love reading mags or something while on the elliptical. It distracts me so I end up working harder too.