Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bruins Parade and a Creepy Shirtless Guy

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! I got up this morning, quickly ate breakfast and got ready so that Kelly and I could catch the bus to go downtown for the Bruins parade. This was a crazy and awesome experience! Be prepared for lots o' pictures :) Today is my rest day, so no exercise for muah.

Here's a Bruin's tweet:

Boston Bruins
Boston Police confirms that this is the largest Rolling Rally in the city of Boston's history. Thank you fans! ^BB
We were near Boston Common

Oh yea, thumbs up Bruins!

So this was my claustrophobic face...except I look kind of constipated?? haha

Soooo many people! It was insane!

 Ok, here is the creepy shirtless man. He was pushing through the crowd around us, and definitely rubbed up against me as he was walking by. Ew, please don't touch me...he gave me the willies. Why doesn't he have a shirt on? People baffle me sometimes. And yes, I took a picture of him- he was a highlight of the crowd before the parade started. Originally he was trying to push his way forward to be in front, and I think people were letting him because they didn't want him standing next to them haha. 
Thumbs up to the creepy shirtless guy

Roomies :)...please look at the kids' face behind us haha

Really? Why would you try to get a stroller through this crowd?
 And then the parade started!

Yay for the Bruins! I'm not even really a fan (shh..don't tell) because I'm not from Boston, but this was an experience that could not be missed! I'm so glad I went :)

Not gonna lie, being in that huge crowd and standing for over 2 hours kinda wore me out. Good thing today is my rest day- my body needs it. Now it's time to study study study :( I have a test on Monday AND Wednesday...eek!


  1. That certainly looks like a fun day, and an awesome distraction from studying! Good luck on your tests :)

  2. ahahah looks like such a fun and crazy day!!! good luck on the tests girl!

  3. My roots are in Boston, so I really appreciated this post!! I wish I could have been there!! Looks so fun!

  4. Just found you from Janae's blog - your blog is so cute! And lovin' that interval workout!

  5. I thought about going to the parade, but decided I couldn't handle the crowd haha
    I am so glad you had a fab time though, even if that guy rubbed up on you, how grosss!!!

  6. Thank you!! And yes Tessa, it was fun- minus that guy haha

  7. Looks fun! And I love your claustrophobic face. LOL

  8. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I want to come with you to the next one:) GIRL!!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Yay for rest days:) Except all that walking and standing was probably a killer workout!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and that creepy guy....gross:)